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Backend UDP Option

The 'Backend UDP' feature in uCon (similar to netcat) allows you to set up your uCon session to interact with a target running MicroMonitor (or other similar  connectionless endpoints), using UDP. Since MicroMonitor has a server that accepts incoming commands (i.e. moncmd server) over UDP port 777 (or some other user-defined port), this backend simply allows the uCon user to type in commands, and upon hitting ENTER, the command line is sent as a UDP message to the target specified by the IP address in the initial dialog box (as shown below)...

The IP address is the address of the target board, and can be appended with a colon and one additional number that will be used as the UDP port. The default port is 777 (as is the case for MicroMonitor). The value of 'wait' tells uCon how long to wait for the response from the target before giving up. If this value is set to zero, then it will not wait at all.

Other backend option are COMPORT, TELNET and SSH.