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uCon Installation & Removal

uCon uses the NullSoft Install System. Running ucon_install.exe invokes the NullSoft Installer as it was configured for use for uCon installation. The installation adds a uCon item to the "Start->Programs" list and optionally installs a desktop icon. The main executable, help files and an uninstaller are put directly under the installation directory chosen at the time of installation (usually C:/program files/ucon). Three additional directories are also created under that space:

This directory is established for storage of uCon scripts that come with the package and new scripts created by the user.
This directory is established as the default location for uCon to use when logging has been turned on.
This directory is established to contain a basic set of config files that can be used to automatically startup uCon with a pre-defined configuration. All new configuration files should be put in this space.

To remove ucon from your system, run Start->Programs->uCon->Uninstall; or simply remove the ucon directory.

If you wanna install ucon (under WINE) on Linux read this.

New as of Oct 2014:
The installer, ucon_install.exe (built with the NSIS tool) will now pay attention to a few of the command line options supported by nullsoft.  Specifically, if the /S option is specified the installer runs in "silent" mode; eliminating most of the interaction with the user.  To facilitate complete "hands-off" mode for installation, the /S option along with the /D option (to specify the installation directory) will now suppress other ucon-specific interaction and use defaults:
  1. With /S, the desktop shortcut icon is automatically installed
  2. With /S, ucon will automatically overwrite an older uCon installation (if found)
So, the command line:

ucon_install.exe /S /D "C:/program files (x86)/ucon"

will install uCon silently, without interaction with the user.