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uCon on Linux (using WINE):

This page is dedicated to issues/notes related to getting uCon to run on Wine. Very briefly, "wine" is a powerful program that runs on various versions of Unix and allows certain Windows programs to run. For more information refer to the Wine website.

The first release of uCon that I personally tested with Wine was 6.7 (Aug 22, 2007) running on RH9 Linux, using the RPM labled wine-0.9.2-1rh9winehq.i386.rpm. Relative to Aug 22, 2007, I believe this is an old version of wine, but that's what I started with because that's what I had. uCon is now (as of Aug 22,2007) in the "Wine Application Database" .

Update (1/17/2014):

I occasionally get reports from uCon users saying that uCon works under WINE. I've recently used it a bit on UBUNTU Desktop 12.04 LTS and it "seems" to work...  I am able to connect to a UART port, and interact with the device.  I have not fully tested out all features, but folks have said that scripting works just fine.

Quick Summary (updated 1/17/2014):
Just try it on your system.  It appears to vary based on the version of WINE and Linux.

How do I run uCon on a Linux box with Wine?

Here's how I do it...

Create a "ucon" directory somewhere (I created mine under my own HOME directory), and under that install all the same files and directories that are under your uCon installation directory (usually C:\program files (x86)\ucon or C:\users\USER\documents\ucon) on your Windows machine. If you have "tar" or "zip" on your windows machine, you can use it to copy the entire "ucon" directory from Windows to Linux. 

Then, just cd to that directory and run "wine ucon".

Perhaps when things mature a bit, I will create a uCon package for Linux to make this a little easier to do.