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TFTP Server

A simple TFTP server can be started to support target-based network bootup and general file transfer. Versions of uCon built prior to Sept 2011 had a single threaded server (it's internal state machine was only prepared to deal with one file transfer at a time); as of Sept 26, 2011 the server has been re-written to support multiple simultaneous transfers. The menu item Servers->TFTP brings up the following dialog box:

Similar to the FTP server, this server can be configured with a specified root directory to start in. This simply means that all file accesses will be relative to that point in the system's directory heirarchy. With the "Relative Paths Only" box checked, no access to any directory above the root directory will be allowed.

Note, the default UDP port used is 69; however, if the TFTPSRVR_PORT shell variable is set within uCon (see menu item Config->Environment), then the value stored in $TFTPSRVR_PORT is used instead of 69.