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FTP Server

uCon's FTP server supports a superset of the "minimum implementation" discussed in RFC 959. The menu item Servers->FTP brings up the following dialog box:

Login is anything and password can be anything (i.e. no security), or specified in the dialog box when started up. Both the FTP and TFTP servers support open or relative file paths. With relative file paths enabled (see "Relative Paths Only" check box in dialog box above), access is only allowed at (or below) the directory level that the server was started up in. With relative paths disabled, the remote user can access any file anywhere on the PC.

FTP/TFTP Proxy feature...

The FTP server within uCon supports the ability to "proxy" a TFTP server. In the nutshell, this simply means that uCon can receive a file via FTP and forward that file to some other TFTP server. This is useful in cases where uCon is attached to a target that is at a location that for one reason or another does not allow TFTP traffic due to some kind of firewall issue (typically).

To do this, the ftp client that interfaces to uCon's server must specify the destination file as...


Then, upon receiving the file, uCon will forward the file (via TFTP) to the server specified as TFTP_SERVER.

NOTE: I've noticed that uCon's FTP server doesn't seem to interact well with the CYGWIN ftp client, so avoid it!!!