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CRC32/MD5 Validation/Calculator

This dialog can be used as a generic tool to run  MD5SUM and/or CRC32 on a specified file; however, the primary purpose of this dialog is to allow the user to validate the ucon_install.exe image.  Obviously this means that you have to already be running uCon with this feature.  Then future updates can be verified by cut-n-pasting the CRC32/MD5SUM string (that will be on the uCon download page) into this dialog and running a verification.

If the CRC/MD5 field is left blank, then the numerical result will be placed in that text box.  

If the CRC/MD5 field is popluated with either the CRC or MD5 result (or both), then the calculation will be done and compared to the result, and a --PASS-- or --FAIL-- status will be placed in that box.

The syntax for that field is one of three (there is no whitespace in all three, using lowercase hex-coded-ASCII):

Both CRC32/MD5: hexcrc32/hexmd5len = 41 bytes
Only CRC32: hexcrc32len = 8 bytes
Only MD5: hexmd5len = 32 bytes

For example...
Note first that this assumes you've already got a version of uCon that has this feature.  If you don't then you need to use some md5sum tool to initially verify just the md5.

Assume you go to http://www.umonfw.com/releases/ucon_install.exe  to download the uCon installer, but you're legitimately concerned that something may have been hacked, so you'd like to make sure that file you downloaded is the correct file as was put on the site...
Now go to File->Validate, and enter the download path in the "File:" textbox and cut-n-paste the crc/md5 value from the uCon homepage into the "CRC/MD5:" textbox...

then click 'Go'...

to see the result.