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Remote Access & Execution

The terminal server in uCon allows up to 8 remote users to virtually connect to the target that the uCon session is connected to.

In addition to the basic terminal server facility, the remote user connected to uCon through a telnet client has the ability to instruct the uCon server in a few different ways. By typing ENTER followed by CTRL-P (control key and lower-case 'p' depressed simultaneously), the user is then put into a "remote command/function mode". At that point, uCon's telnet server will respond to the client with a prompt to inform the user that the following line will be locally executed as a command passed to the PC's OS or a function processed internally by uCon. There are a few different alternatives after typing the ENTER/CTRL-P sequence...

uCon break send RS-232 break
uCon button {#} execute button '#'
uCon dtrtgl toggle RS-232 DTR line
uCon fkey {#} execute function key '#'
uCon scrcmd line{#} execute a single script command line
uCon script {#} execute script '#'
uCon tftp {ip_address}  {get|put}  {src_file}  {dest_file}   
request TFTP transfer
uCon xsend  {cmd_to_target}  {filename}           
request xmodem send
uCon xrecv  {cmd_to_target}  {filename}
request xmodem receive

Note that this remote execution capability must be enabled in the server by checking the "Local Command Enable" checkbox in the telnet server configuration dialog.